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Charity and Giving Back

Far Sighted Media, Inc was founded on the premise of community responsibility and giving back to communities across the United States and around the world. One of our core pieces of software is PokerRun.org a software system that was designed to help nonprofits, both big and small, in raising funds for their programs. In the time since it's creation we have expanded the original software, as well as created new software, to include such fundraising activities such as scavenger hunts, pub crawls, and our very own restaurant run, and silent auctions, as well to be able to add additional venues and groups that can use the software.

Doing our Part

Far Sighted Media, Inc maintains a portfolio of investment web sites and domains in many niche markets that generate revenue from advertising programs, membership fees, and in some circumstances the sale of domains. We donate a portion of these proceeds through our charitable enterprise, Mainspring Charities, to a variety of pre-designated charities as well as to those organizations that have worked with either Mainspring Charities, or PokerRun.org in the past. As we grow our portfolio we expect to grow our donations to more nonprofits as time goes on.

You Matter

Have a cause? As a client or a shareholder, we want to support charities and organizations important to you; it's the very essence of the sense of community we strive to build. Please contact Scott@FarSightedMedia.com to discuss having your charity or organization added to our gift giving. Once added, your organization will be in our regular rotation and subject to further donations as time moves on.

We Believe in You

Mainspring Charities was funded by our 3 cofounders with a generous stock donation of $10,000 each, and by letter of intent, each cofounder will make a stock donation of at least $5,000 annually to Mainspring Charities.

Thank you for helping us help others!
Far Sighted Media