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  • Poker Run Planning and Manangement Software


    Summary: Far Sighted Media, Inc. has launched its new software to help communities and people in increasing the effectiveness of their fundraising programs. The new software is web based, mobile friendly and easy to use, and contains companion applications for both Apple iPhone and Google Android devices.

    JULY 03, 2014: Far Sighted Media, Inc., a well-known name when it comes to organizing fund raising events for good causes, announced the release of its new software. The easy to use software is meant to help charitable organizations and communities such as sports clubs, animal protection groups, communities, religious organization, and many more to raise funds quickly, easily and with greater success.

    Poker Runs are very popular and considered among the best way to raise funds for charities. A typical poker run is a planned charity occasion where contributors use all kinds of vehicles, such as snowmobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, boats and horses to visit five to seven checkpoints and draw a playing card at each one as part of "poker hand". The main purpose is to get the best “poker hand” at the end of the run. The actual scoring of a "poker hand" is not based on traditional poker suites, but rather it is a patented point system algorithm developed by far sighted media, inc.

    The Far Sighted Media, Inc. platform virtualizes almost all aspects of managing and running the poker run event and is a simple and highly effective method for participant check in that reduces common errors.

    The software suite is available for lease to large organizations, or those that wishing to establish their own fundraising web sites. Organizations wishing to organize a poker run event utilizing the software suite may utilize which has been established by Mainspring Charities, Inc.