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Poker Run

Our incredibly affordable, exclusive, patent pending software is a melding of both web and mobile applications that has consistently produced greatly improved raising funds for Poker Run fundraising events. By virtualizing the most common and mundane aspects of planning and organizing a Poker Run fundraiser, we've freed up the organizations time to better handle the actual selling and raising of funds; and for just pennies on the dollar.

how it works

Less Planning

Our Poker Run web application takes much of the planning aspect out of the process. Our databases are filled with stop information, pre-planned routes, exciting up-sell ideas, and fundraising time savers.

Quick Setup

Our wizard based setup system allows organizations to go from sign up to sell in just minutes. Utilizing an online sale system allows for immediate, measurable, action.

Fewer Errors

Utilizing our patented virtualized systems removes many of the common errors in tracking, calculation, and reporting; greatly reduces the need for personnel interaction.

Greater Audience

Being fully online and virtualized allows organizations to offer entries to friends and family beyond the borders of their community and to vastly increase fundraising returns.

"The increased effectiveness of our fundraising campaigns would not have been possible without the strategic guidance and collaborative leadership given by the team in addition to the ease of use their software provided." Colette S.

Web & Mobile Application Combined

The Poker Run Application Suite is a 2-in-1 solution for helping charities and other nonprofit entities organize and execute their Poker Run fundraiser events faster and more effectively.

Web Based Application

The web application, site, component is based on our custom API allowing it to be rapidly deployed and customized as necessary. The web application serves as the central point of the Poker Run Application Suite and handles the set up, management, and data provisioning for the Poker Run Mobile Applications by making calls to our central database system.

The web site serves as the primary point of sale and interaction with organizations and their supporters. The organization interacts with the site to set up their event details and to make their payment(s) for their event. Once the event(s) have been created, the organization will utilize the web site to manage the event and it's users via a robust management system provided in the API. The API allows for changes to the event to be made, management of participants, manual entry for cash delivery's, and managing of any additional services that are provided via the web site. All data for events is stored in our central database system, and is kept unique from other instances of the Poker Run Application Suite.

Organizations' supporters, users, will primarily interact with the web site to purchase entry, "hands", to the Organizations' events, or to multiple events within or outside of the Organization. The web site will then email a proprietary secure encoded QRCode that uniquely identifies that user as a participant in a particular event as well as a link to a mobile application that the user may download and use at the event in lieu of the QRCode; this is explained in the mobile application section below. This email will also include the list of stops, in order, the published details of the event, and a receipt for their tax purposes as these are charitable contributions.

Mobile Application

The Poker Run Mobile Application is, in fact, 2 applications with nearly identical functionality. The core functionality of the mobile applications are to facilitate the check-in process of participants and to issue them their "card" for each stop; this is all virtualized by our technology, meaning that there are no longer physical cards to carry, or to lose. This process also logs all cards from stop to stop and keeps a running tally of all the hands participating. This translates to no more time spent tallying up points at the end of the event which frees your personnel to up-sell prior to the closing of the event.

The patented Poker Run Team App allows the organization's members to scan the proprietary secure encoded QRCode of the participants to check them in at each stop, and to issue their entry "card" for each stop. This information is relayed to the web site, which relays it to our central database system; all information is stored online, and not in the app, to maintain security and data integrity. The Team App is location aware and features fallback check-in features for rare case circumstances.

The patented Poker Run Self Check-in app allows a participant to scan a proprietary secure encoded QRCode assigned to a stop to check themselves in and have their entry "card" assigned to them at each stop. Again, this information is relayed to the web site, which relays it to our central database system via API; all information is stored online, and not in the app, to maintain security and data integrity.

Virtual Participation

The unique nature of the Poker Run Application suite allows for an organization's event to accept virtual participants. As an up-sell to potential participants who may not be able to make it the day of a scheduled event, they may still purchase entries; these entries are calculated by our servers at the conclusion of an event.

The Big Picture

Why should organizations choose to use the Poker Run Application Suite to plan and execute their poker run fund raising events?

Cost Effective

The planning and execution of the standard Poker Run involves a significant amount of man hours, supplies, and lost time selling; to the tune of 20-30 cents on the dollar. Through our unique system Poker Run Application Suite Vendors are able to offer organizations a managed system that brings their operating costs down significantly, on average between 8 & 16 cents on the dollar. Obviously this results in more funds reaching their organizations where it does the ultimate good.

Time Effective

Freeing up organizers from the minutia of planning a Poker Run fundraising event allows for more time to focus on the actual raising funds. An organization's personnel are able to begin selling entries within minutes of establishing an event at the web site. In fact, being fully virtualized the sales may be offered via email, or links from the organizations' web sites. This opens up the possibilities of sales to friends and family members living outside of the local community, world wide, to participate in a virtual event where their physical presence is not required. Up-sells and add on features provided by our application suite further enhance an organization's ability to raise extra funds while enhancing the users experience with their event.

Leasing Options

We offer licensing options for our Poker Run Application Suite.

Build it Your Way

We're able to offer many options to get your own web site and applications running with our application suite. If you're interested in obtaining licensing information to our API or having our development team incorporate our system for you, please contact Scott to discuss how we can work together.